When the Rain Falls and the Clowns Kill (fafarfa) wrote in fivepointstar,
When the Rain Falls and the Clowns Kill


Hey, I'm a newbie to this community and i was drawn in by the name... i was looking through some of the entries and i say a little survey so i thought i would fill it out too

Here's the little survey thing:

What's your favourite band, genre, instrument & show?

I listen to soooo many different things it is slight pathetic... I like almost anything besides pop and country.... im open to anything new and will give anything a chance

Do you have a nautical star tatoo?

Hell Yea I do... I have a red and black one on my ankle.... I LOVE IT!!!

*cringe* Did it hurt?

Ummm i would say not really... it wasnt too bad but it wasnt enjoyable either... i would say there was more pain afterwards then during it. My tattoo artist was great and i found that is a must...

Where do you live, you know, aprox.?

Silver Creek, New York... but i am currently going to college at Niagara University, Niagara Falls, New York

Do you own any *shudder* Good Charlotte junk?


What's your favourite vintage thing?

my favorite vintage thing is my Jem Barbie doll, my glow worm and my GI Joe
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