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What's your favourite band, genre, instrument & show?
My favourite band is Tool, but Brand New comes in second. I listen mostly to emo music and some punk. Drums are my favourite instrument and the best show is MDM.

Everyone just thinks I'm an emokid. I dress that way, my friends tease.

Do you have a nautical star tatoo?
I have an ink rubbing on the back of my left arm or three red nautical stars decreasing in size. I have two normal star tattoos.

*cringe* Did it hurt?
It wasn't that bad, just a burning sensation.

Where do you live, you know, aprox.?
Southern Ontario, Canada

Do you own any *shudder* Good Charlotte junk? huh?
Hahaha I bought a Simple Plan CD

What's your favourite vintage thing?
My Little Pony!
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