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Just joined... figured I'd do this survey thing.

What's your favourite band, genre, instrument & show?
Band: Finch
Genre: Emo/Punk/Indie
Instrument: Guitar
Show: Haven't been to one yet but I'm going to Warped Tour in July and Story Of The Year on March 21st. I do however go to alot of local shows.

Do you have a nautical star tatoo? Yeah, blue and black one on my right wrist. Planning to get a red and black one on the other soon.

*cringe* Did it hurt? Nah.

Where do you live, you know, aprox.? Valley, Alabama (no, I'm not a redneck.)

Do you own any *shudder* Good Charlotte junk? *cringe* Hell no. Never have and never will.

What's your favourite vintage thing? I don't really know. I wear alot of white t-shirts mostly.
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